Okay, beauty lovers, we’ve heard time over time that we should be taking care of our skin but sometimes we prefer the lazy way to do it.

I’ve been through my fair share of skin care products but one thing I am always switching up on is the type of makeup cleansing wipes I use. Why? I’m not sure but up until now, I had no idea that it something as little as that was affecting my skin in ways I could have never even imagine.

I would remove my makeup with a wipe and then cleanse my face afterward to ensure that I was squeaky clean. You’re probably thinking one of two things. One, you removed your makeup well, what’s the problem? OR That’s all you did? Although I “removed” my makeup off every night before bed and drank about a gallon of water each day, I was still seeing breakouts and my skin just felt blah!

My mom, who is an all natural kind of woman suggested that I got rid of the makeup wipes and opt for something more natural because the truth is, our cleansing wipes just aren’t doing the job. Most of the time, they usually contain an ingredient that is harmful to the skin.

Here are some alternative options to remove your makeup if you’re looking to join me in ditching the makeup wipes.

Micellar Water – oil suspended in water. It is great to cleanse the skin for all those who have sensitive skin. A popular micellar water is Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O.

photo obtained from dermastore

Coconut Oil – Rub coconut oil over your face and makeup and simply wipe with cotton pads. Afterward, be sure to cleanse your face with a face wash or cleanser to remove any excess oil. Coconut oil is also a great moisturizer that a lot of people use during the winter months.

Milk – Milk is great for the bones and it works just as great for our skin. Don’t you remember hearing about Cleopatra using milk to bathe in? Milk is used to hydrate the skin while retaining the moisture! Apply the milk to your face and then wipe it off with a cotton ball or a washcloth. You can also add oils such as olive oil or almond oil to refresh the skin and remove it at the same time.


Let us know in the comments how you remove your makeup off at the end of the day!


Feature Image: Shutterstock