When it comes to family celebrations, Christmas is in first place; Easter, too, is a welcome opportunity to give your loved ones a little something. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for friends you haven’t seen in a while, adult kids, a loved one or even something special for yourself, we have some product inspirations for you.
From eye shadows to lipsticks: not only do we love chocolate scents but also brownish hues. Already the Maya and Aztecs used cacao beans for their skincare. Not only is it known for containing a large number of vitamins, mineral substances, and being one of the most important sources of magnesium, on top of it all, its irresistible scent stimulates the dopamine production. Hence, good mood is preprogrammed – no counting calories needed!



1. Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette $49

2. Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection $42

3. Too Faced Melted Chocolate $21

4. Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant $45

5. Essie Chocolate Cakes $8.50

6. Bobbi Brown Dark Chocolate Eye Set $60

7.  WILDFOX Wildfox Eau de Parfum $72