Transformative and full of the energy needed to continue on the successful road to stardom the TxLips are killing it! Fresh off of performing for at AfroPunk, Gabriella, Monique, Dara, and Joela Oliver are taking on the world, one song at a time. From making new music to touring, this is only the beginning for this all-star group! Find out more about the TxLips in this tell-all interview!

Music can come alive in your mind due to various events, how does that happen for The TxLips?

Well I usually write from a place that I know many people can relate to. Everyone goes through things, I write music that people can relate to. It comes alive even more when we are on stage performing.

In this new age of music and sound, what is one thing that keeps you dedicated?

Our dedication to perfecting our craft, dedication, and passion to represent for black women in the music industry being left out of the conversations.

As a group, how do you make sure everyone is on the same page at all times?

It is difficult but I try to keep everyone on the same page by doing tour books, a ton of emails, etc. I am naturally a very organized person but it becomes difficult sometimes relaying that into running a band with a ton of people. Because TxLips has more than one bassist, drummer, and keys player, it can be challenging organizing everything so everyone is on the same page (especially when touring out of state and having to get tickets etc.). We make it work though!

You just performed at Afropunk AND premiered a music video, how was that experience?

It was great! Such an amazing experience to be with so many black people and to experience the diversity of our culture.

What do you hope is next?

We will be working on recording the album, continuing to tour, and empowering women everywhere to pick up an instrument no matter what.

Images Courtesy of the TxLips 

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