Season six of Project Runway All Stars may have come to an end but that does not mean we’re putting it in the past.

In fact, we’ve never been more obsessed.

This season, the Lifetime show made history as the final five (The Fab Five) were all men of color! We could not be more excited. As we followed along the journey this season, our hearts were captured, with each design, the final contestants absolutely captivated our hearts with their true passion for fashion!

We got to know the infamous Fab Five so you know we had to give you the inside scoop! Follow us along as reintroduce to you, the men who made history, the Five Fab of season six Project Runway All Stars!

WINNER: Anthony L. Williams

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? How did you end up on Project Runway?

My name is Anthony L. Williams, I’m originally from Birmingham, Alabama. I have a degree in Apparel and Textile Designs from the University of Alabama. Post graduation, I showed people pictures of my work all while discussing it and so ultimately people that I worked with knew that I made clothes and gowns. Eventually, someone sent me a link to the application for Project Runway. I applied, heard back from them, and that is what started my journey on Project Runway.

What was it like returning for Project Runway Allstars?

The first time or the second time? (laughs) Returning for Project Runway this time was important for me because there was a strategy mentally and physically that I had put for myself. I wanted to not only do my best but to make sure I showed my personality. This time was more structured and a little more intense because it is different when you’re really working and I wasn’t exactly working to win the competition, I was working to stay in the competition. I wanted to use it to show leverage that I can be on a show consistently for 13 episodes as it relates to film and television.

You’ve worked on numerous projects after your time on the show! Can you tell us about your fashion brand, Anthony Elle?

My fashion brand, Anthony Elle is really just anything I do because I work as a fashion designer, costume designer, and I’m always doing consultant work. Anthony Elle is just an umbrella in which I operate. Not only am I designer but I am also a personality, Anthony Elle is the creative part of me and Anthony L. Williams is definitely the man who secures the bag.

Do you believe you have gained anything or learned anything about yourself from your experience thus far?

Oh definitely! I think that is what experiences are, right? I not only work in film and television in front of the camera but once I learned the politics of working behind the camera, it gave me an advantage. I think that is what I learned more than anything from the Project Runway experience. First of all, it is just a television show and because it is, you should use it as leverage to get where you’re going. If anything. I’ve learned that more than anything.

What would you say most people don’t know about you from watching the show?

Most people do not know that I used to be a female impersonator. People don’t know that I used to be a drag queen. As a matter of fact, when I told my friend that I was going to Project Runway Allstars, she said to me, “The only way you will win is if you complete like you did when you did drag.” I was like, “…What?” but apparently it worked!

Congratulations on your big win! Can you give us any insight on upcoming projects you may have?

Thank you so very much! You know how it goes, some things that I’m working on right now I can’t discuss but I can definitely tell you that I want to go to HSN. I’ve researched the brand and people who have come before me like Antthony Hankins have come and opened up doors. Hopefully I can come and continue a legacy that he has had in place for quite some time. That’s what I really want do to, that’s my goal.

Congratulations Anthony L. Williams on winning
Season Six of Project Runway Allstars!

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