Season six of Project Runway All Stars may have come to an end but that does not mean we’re putting it in the past.

In fact, we’ve never been more obsessed.

This season, the Lifetime show made history as the final five (The Fab Five) were all men of color! We could not be more excited. As we followed along the journey this season, our hearts were captured, with each design, the final contestants absolutely captivated our hearts with their true passion for fashion!

We got to know the infamous Fab Five so you know we had to give you the inside scoop! Follow us along as reintroduce to you, the men who made history, the Five Fab of season six Project Runway All Stars!

Ken Laurence

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? How did you end up on season 12 of Project Runway?

Well, my name is Ken Laurence and I’m originally from Birmingham, Alabama. I’m a self-taught fashion designer that now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, I transitioned about four years ago. I went to Project Runway season 12 because being a self-taught fashion designer, I didn’t have an outlet or a way to show my platform. I didn’t go to school. I decided to audition for Project Runway! Fun fact is, the audition for Project Runway season 10 and 11 (they cast at the same time) Dom Streater (who won my season) also auditioned and neither one of us got selected but they called us back to audition for season 12.

What was it like returning for Project Runway All Stars?

You know, personally, I was extremely nervous because the world sees only the work room side of it but there is also the production side of it too. It’s long days, waiting around for camera crews, I was extremely nervous about returning but I needed to return.

You’re from Birmingham, Alabama but currently live in Atlanta Georgia. Could you tell us about your transition? Would you say there are any pros or cons?

I don’t know if there are really any cons for a transition. For starters, I transitioned to New York for a while and New York was extremely too much for me. I was born and raised in the south, I started missing southern hospitality, trees, and etc. It just wasn’t working so I decided to transitioned to Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta has the nice in between. You get city vibes but you also get that southern hospitality. Music has grown here as well as film and television, I have hope that in a few years, fashion will also be something people can look at from Atlanta, Georgia. I wouldn’t say there are any cons necessarily, its been all pros in my opinion.

Design by Ken Laurence

What do you believe you have gained from being on the show? Is there anything you have learned about yourself?

Oh my gosh (laughs) Well, the biggest thing that I learned in season 12 was that I was a firecracker. I was 23 at the time so I was young but I needed to see myself on screen. People would always tell me, “Ken, you’re a bitch,” and I would disagree. I saw myself on television and was like, “Oh my gosh Ken, you’re a bitch.” (laughs) Honestly, I needed to see that. Funny thing is, I didn’t realize my potential until Project Runway Allstars. I think that comes from being a self-taught fashion designer, self doubt, and all the negative things that run through your brain. I didn’t feel like I was worthy of being there at times. But, seeing my run on all three seasons that I’ve done, it assures me that I’m a great designer and I should continue in that path. I’ve put my sewing machine up several times over the past years just wanting to quit. (laughs)

Do you mind sharing a challenge you have had to face in order to get to where you are today in your career?

Let’s say, not making any money. A lot of people pick something they want to do and expect to make money overnight. That’s not always a factor, especially with this Instagram world that we live in. Thoughout the years that I’ve been designing, I’ve been learning my craft, learning to perfect it but not making money has been the biggest struggle, especially working so hard, working a full-time job, and then working even more after my job to feed my passion. Eventually, I had to give in and make a sacrifice. I realized that this is what I want to do so I have to do it. My pastor told me that my gift will make room for me but if I don’t have room for my gift, it can’t make room for me.

What is something viewers don’t know about you?

Ahh, it’s so much. Right now, I’m realizing that a lot of the viewers see me as the funny guy. They see my sense of humor. I’m happy because that’s been here the entire time. I will say, it’s either on or off though. I’m either extremely tight (you can see that on the runway sometimes, Alyssa Milano thought this as well, she said I just seemed too uptight) or I’m acting a fool, acting goofy. Something cool to let the viewers know is that I studied in dance for a while. Modern, contemporary, and western South African dance, even hip-hop. I really love doing that.

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