Say what?! Yes, you read that right! American Eagle has just launched a CBD skincare line!

The new line titled, Mood is a fun, colorful collection of products that include body lotion, armatherapy oil, face wash and oil, lip balm, and much more! There are 45 total products in the new line and each fall under a different fragrance category.

There is Chill (a vanilla), Energized (a mandarin nectar), Focused (a citrus), Refreshed (a cooling coconut), Soothed (a fresh eucalyptus), and Zzz (a lavender). All of the products are 100% hemp-derived CBD oil!

In an official statement, American Eagle global brand president, Chad Kessler said, “Inspired by our customers and their interest in this exciting new category, we see this as a perfect extension of the AE brand. Mood is designed to help everyone, especially young people, live a better quality of life.”

The products range from $9 to $20! That’s a steal!

For more information and to purchase your Mood products today, click here!


Featured Image obtained on the official American Eagle website.