Cover artist and author, Amina Pankey released her second book earlier this year that focuses on her readers to live a “feel good” lifestyle. The book is a guide that focuses on fitness, food, and routines by Amina herself! We caught up with Pankey to discuss her passion for fitness and health, the details of her new book, and how she juggles her life, career, and motherhood!

Tell us about your second book, Mi Dishes & More.

My second book is a lifestyle book for women, especially mothers. It all came about when I started a new page on social media with all the food I was making for me and my kids. People seemed to really like it and had an interest for how I was able to get my kids to eat raw veggies. I began documenting my everyday on social media and when I began to see the demand for it, I decided to just put all the recipes into a book. Originally, I was just going to have a cookbook and then when I sat down to my best friend, she suggested the idea to include other elements of my lifestyle. As I was writing these recipes, I began writing about where the recipe comes from and why I like to eat it!

It became more than just a recipe book. It includes all my workouts, things I do on a regular basis, I included my regiments that I have that just make me feel good in my day to day life. Being a mom can be stressful, I have a lot of mom friends but the book is not only for mothers. It’s definitely meant to make you more motivated, healthier, happier, and more balanced in your stressful life.

It has become a 30 day guide that includes 30 recipes. I also have exercises. I encourage the readers to follow my lifestyle because I figured out what works for me and I just hope that other women can feel better about themselves and all that they do.

How do you juggle life, your career, and being a single mother of two so gracefully?

All the answers to that are in my book. I can say that it’s all about balancing. I take it day by day. Me, personally I am bad with scheduling. I have to make my own plans but I know you can’t do everything at once. Everything is step by step. I always put my kids first and after that, I put my dreams into fruition. Some days, I won’t get to it but I don’t stress out about it. It’s about not getting stressed out about it and taking breaks. Taking breaks is important because it gives you back that fire and that energy that you need to continue what’s best for you. Accept that you don’t have to do everything in one day, just take your time with it and do one thing a day for yourself. That’s what helps me, even if it’s little. 

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Hopefully, I can inspire others. My main goal is for readers to actually do the guide in the book. I didn’t realize how something like an Instagram page could inspire women. I want people to look at the book, smile, and feel like they can do it too! If I can do it, they can do it!

I love inspiring, especially through music. I have new music coming out. I always love when people tell me how much it helps them through life. I want to continue to inspire others through music and sharing parts of my life.

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All images by Amina Touray