Amora Renae is a hair company created by sisters Jasmine and Jelina who were looking for luxurious yet affordable hair. Now the company not only carries hair extensions, but hair products as well. It is great quality and soft to the touch. If you are looking for a hair company with variety, then Amora Renae is the place for you. Read below as we discuss their brand.

What was your motivation behind starting Amora Renae?

When we were in high school, we wanted quality hair that was also affordable, so that’s when we decided to sell hair.


How did you come up with the name Amora Renae?

Amora means love and Renae is my sister’s middle name.

What makes your brand different from other countless hair companies on the market?

The variety of textures we carry. We have over 10 different types and curl patterns.


What are some other products you carry?

We have a Moroccan shampoo and conditioner that I like to use, curl definer and a spray that holds curls really well.

How do you take care of natural hair underneath a sew-in?

Co-wash every two weeks and don’t leave a weave in longer than two months.