Glitter is simply something that can’t be messed with. Whether it’s Halloween or not, we love a glitter incorporated with our makeup all year-round. It can be difficult finding glitter that will actually stick and not be more of a headache than anything but it seems like Anastasia Beverly Hills has it down packed.

This Halloween season, the beloved beauty brand has released The Anastasia Beverly Hills Halloween Glitter Collection and it comes in five total shades. Pumpkin (you guessed it, an orange), Potion (a blue/violet), Phantom (a purple with red accents), Salem (a green with sparkle), and Ghaslty (a bright greenish-yellow).

The glitters are $15 each but you have the opportunity to buy all five plus the Glitter Adhesive for $40. For more information and to purchase your glitter today, click here!


Featured Image obtained on the official Anastasia Beverly Hills website