Antoine and Spencer Holmes are the beloved bodyguards on BET’s hit series, The Family Business but what we love most about this powerful duo is their unbreakable bond. On the show, their one goal is to protect the Duncan family but in real life, they’re determined to let the world know that yes, they’re individuals but they work as a team and if you can’t accept that, then you can keep it moving. Antoine and Spencer Holmes, aka the ASH Brothers, sat down with Sheen Magazine to dish on what it’s like working alongside one another while of working with the best of the best in the entertainment industry, and how they got their start. Follow along as we sat with Antoine Holmes in this exclusive interview. To read on Spencer Holmes, click here!

What made you want to get into acting?

My name is Antoine Holmes. I live in Los Angeles, California; I have been out here for about 13 ½ years now. I am from Richmond, Virginia. The entertainment industry has always been a dream of my brother and I since we were kids. We graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a background in illustration, graphics, and web development. We’ve always leaned more towards the entrepreneurial and entertainment industry side of the business. Our family comes first so we had to do what we needed to first but its always been a passion of ours.

My brother and I started screenwriting back in Virginia. We knew that we couldn’t push what we needed to do out there. We had great help from actor/producer, Tim Reid. He was a great mentor to us years ago. He pushed us to come out to California. I moved my family of five to California and my brother came years later.

We did the whole 9 to 5, lost weight and that gave us the confidence to be in front of the camera.

What is it like working with your twin brother in this project?

As a twin, my brother and I do everything together. Its been kind of a hurdle getting to this point because as time progressed, they wanted to separate us but we wanted to show the world that we’re not separate, we’re together. We bounced presented ourselves that way and those that accepted us got us where we are today.

I wouldn’t say that my brother is a mirror image of me. We are individuals but we are a lot alike but we’re also a lot different. What I love about being his twin is that when I’m weak, he is strong and vice versa. We really help each other with everything. We’ve pushed ourselves our whole entire life that way.

When Family Business came around, my brother actually saw it first and he got selected. This phenomenal woman, KJ Rose was the casting director. When he mentioned he had a twin, he suggested that it would be cool to have twin bodyguards on the show. After meeting KJ and Carl Webber, they saw something within us. We’re so thankful because we were hired for one day of work as background but after that, they saw something within us to build on. From there, we went from background to supporting roles. The Family Business is based off a best-selling book series and Carl and Carlos, (I play Carl) are new characters. There is more to come from Carl and Carlos, stay tuned for that.

How would you describe your overall experience on the hit series?

Amazing. The cast and crew are unbelievable. It’s a big family. We come from a big family. Being around a set like this with an amazing cast and crew, we all treated each other like family from day one. They accepted my brother and I with open arms. I saw a lot of these actors on television growing up so for me, it’s a dream to be working alongside them and learning from them. Its been an amazing experience to be working with veterans in this business.

What do you hope to accomplish in the years to come?

First of all, to be relevant in the years to come. The only way to do that is to work on our brand. We want to be known as the twins. I know as time goes on we will do projects individually but we first have to make that mark in the world that we are those twins. We work together but the biggest thing is that we’re really into health. We’re athletic. I would love to be apart of action acting. I just really want the world to accept us. We’re very hard working and we’ve realized its just the beginning. The real work is getting ready to start. We want to stay busy, branch off into different things and overall just try to get on people’s radar.

We’re screenwriters as I mentioned, I would love the world to see our writing side as well because we have great stories we want to tell.

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