You can’t help who you fall in love with, and love really should not have a color to it. Love is about finding that one person who adores everything about you and adds joy to your life. A person who you can’t stop thinking about, and you look forward to spending every moment with. However in 2017 and past years, it seems that for some, love is color coded. If you grew up in the South like me then you are aware of the many stares that interracial couples can get when walking around the city or having a casual dinner.

There has been a major rise over the years on the number of single, successful black women and of course the awful labeling of black women tend to play some part in those numbers. It has been said that black women are angry, love to argue and have a problem with being submissive to black men. Therefore as one black guy told me, more black men would prefer to date outside of their race because they feel they get more respect from the opposite race. Let me go on record to say that all women have a tendency to have these issues not just black women and it has a lot to do with how you are treating them.

Black men are twice as likely to date outside their race more so than black women.

So what’s the hesitation with Black women dating outside of their race?

For one, I have never been approached by a guy of the opposite race and it could have something to do with me being in the south. I truly believe that white men or men of other ethnicity may possibly be afraid to approach a black woman down here. It’s also difficult for black women in the south to even consider dating another man of the opposite race. I’m from Alabama, and here I have observed that most black women who choose to marry or date a guy of the opposite ethnicity are badly talked about.

I believe that this small fear of slander, the uncomfortable stares or being considered to have betrayed your race from some black men, keeps a lot of black women from stepping outside of their race and discovering love from another ethnicity. So of course most will settle for being single and alone verses even daring to look at the possibility of love in other cultures.

I for one do not believe that dating should have anything to do with color. You shouldn’t choose to date based on your mental perception of the fact that another race can love you better, or short change yourself out of the fear that you might be betraying your race. This isn’t the 1800s and love does not have to be hidden anymore.

I love my black kings, yet my heart is not color coded. There is no brick wall up when it comes to who is able to win my heart over. Life is meant to be lived freely and happily with the person who has your best interest at heart. So fall in love with whoever you desire to fall in love with and don’t let it be based upon the small minded judgments of others or else you will be single forever.

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