Today is the first day of spring and that means its time to switch it up a bit! This time of year is the time for fresh starts and new beginnings whether its a new hairstyle or your wardrobe! So what exactly does it mean for us to be entering this blissful season? Well, bring out the shades and let your hair down! Spring is the time to be yourself now more than ever. It’s the time to live for you and go new places and to try new things!

Go to that new restaurant, try that healthy, yet delicious smoothie, buy that dress you always walk past in the mall. Be a new and refreshing you because there’s no better time than right now. Another great thing about spring is that summer is right after! So get in the gym, go workout, start kickboxing, and get fit for those summer rays! Taking care and treating  yourself is key and there’s no better time than when the sun is shining!