Aries Eye is an average mom (based in Greensboro, NC) in every way except one: she talks to the dead. Each day isn’t the same for Aries Eye as she helps her varied clients find closure and connect with loved ones who have passed. What sets her apart from the rest is that she was called to help her community, especially those in the hip hop and entertainment world. She’s channeled Aaliyah, Biggie Smalls, Lil’ Snupe (Meek Mill’s artist) and Colleek D. Luckie (Jay Z’s nephew). She took a moment to speak with Sheen Magazine about her journey as a spiritualist.

Tell us about your journey to become a medium? 

This journey has been a journey, to say the least! Ran from myself since the age of 12 and finally submitting to my calling at 36 it’s been an emotional roller coaster! You lose childhood friends and even my family has criticized me! I can say with every loss there has been a monumental gain! The saying you have to lose to win comes into perspective! Has my journey been easy, no! Is my journey worth the lives I’m impacting absolutely! So to sum it up, my journey as a medium is necessary! People need to see that being obedient to your calling honors your soul mission on this earthly plane! 

Why do you think there is a stigma in the black community regarding mediums? 

Let’s talk reality! The church has put a stigmatism on how gifts are to be used! If I was in the church as a prophetess I would be praised! However because I don’t walk on a path that supports the foundation of religion, I’m deemed demonic or out of line with God! African Americans culture can be the hardest on one another! The very ones who fear to speak to me, pour out liquor, have barbecues at gravesites, bring gifts to the graveyard and light candles and release balloons! Those are Ancestral Libations! However, when I do the very same acts only at home in front of my ancestral altar, they are quick to label it occult! We all are sent with God-given gifts! You can choose to walk around wanting to save everyone and take on others energy daily as an empath (healer in the spiritual aspect), or you can choose to ignore your vision and instincts and make bad decisions due to not following what was revealed prior too, (clairvoyant) or you can keep running from seeing shadows, knowing and sensing death before it happens, feeling the way strangers passed or hearing msgs and, seeing the dead in dreams. (mediums) you determine what you will run from or run to! However, as African Americans, there are too many of us running around broken because we refuse to stand in our Gifts of power! 

What makes you different from your counterparts in your industry?

Well, I’m more than just a medium! I’m a mentor who takes pride in teaching other spiritualists how to utilize their gifts! I am an instructor who offers a variety of different courses tangible to all walks of life! Ranging from self loves, divination, Necromancy and even how to snack your way to Success! I’m not out here focused on the money! My focus is on shifting the paradigms and elevating our communities! It’s about impact with me! It’s about healing and allowing individuals closure! I offer aide to law enforcement with solving crimes, I take pride in showing our brown babies that their mental health starts with trusting and loving themselves! I advocate for those who are deemed depressed and are being pushed to toxic medications by way of helping them tackle to spiritual roots of their illnesses! Lastly, I aide families of those in comas, hospice and are nonverbal with transitioning their loved ones! I am the voice for those who have transitioned but I am also a voice of reason to those who are just like me living in the fear of not being accepted for their gifts! I’m Aries! There are many mediums out there but not one of them have the exact same versions of the gift! 

What are some tips for manifestation? 

The first tip to manifest properly is to stop doubting yourself ! (trust yourselves!) 

Secondly, release poverty-stricken thought forms 

Thirdly, pray and state your wishes and leave it there! We tend to pray or universally ask for things and, then the minute we call it, we talk ourselves out and away from what’s rightfully ours!

What are your plans for the future? Any upcoming projects? 

I really would love to work with mothers who lost their kids to untimely deaths or murder between the ages of 3-21 with healing and closure! I’m a single mom and there’s a lot of mothers rallying to be the voice of their kids! I would love to stand in literally as the voice for their children and help them heal? Stop living with guilt and give them the answers they need to really be in a place of peace! My upcoming project is finishing up my documentary! It’s about transparency! People need to see exactly what a true healer goes thru behind the smiles and encouragement! No filtered cameras and scripts! Just raw talent, emotion and a love for what I do!

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All images by Jesse Walker