You may be familiar with Femly Box as Sheen Magazine has continuously raved over the brand and it’s purpose to help women through during their time of the month. In this exclusive interview, founder and CEO of Femly discusses what inspired her to create this natural feminine care subscription company. Not only is Femly the perfect example of black girl magic but the creator herself is the exemplifies black excellence at it’s finest. Join us as Long shares what it’s like being a black female entrepreneur and what she wants YOU to gain from each Femly box you receive.

Can you tell our readers about yourself? What inspired you to create Femly Box?

In college, I used to have the worst period ever! Like most women, I thought that extremely heavy cycles, cramping and more were completely normal so I suffered in silence. Shortly after graduation, I was diagnosed with a cervical tumor and had to have it surgically removed. It wasn’t until that happened that I learned about all of the added chemicals in the popular store-bought products I was using. I was shocked to discover many of them were linked with hormone disruption, heavy bleeding, endometriosis and cancer.

At the time, none of the stores around me sold chemical-free period care-so I started Femly to help other women like myself who wanted a healthier solution.

What do you hope each subscriber gains from the subscription?

I hope that each subscriber gains the satisfaction of knowing that we really believe in making products that are healthier, more comfortable, and affordable for them. Our goal is to reach people everywhere! We even partner with organizations to help them provide free period care in restrooms! For me, it’s about furthering the mission for gender-equity!

What is it like being a strong black female in the game? Were there any hardships you faced because of your skin color or gender?

Being a strong black female in the game means that I am in a constant state of creating solutions to issues that women like myself face. If I had a dime for everytime someone told me that I wouldn’t succeed, I’d be rich. Like many other black female founders, I believe in building a strong inner circle and networking with those who have paved the way for people like me! Your network is your “net worth” and though access to resources and funding is extremely difficult for black founders, I use every opportunity I can to spread the word, partner, and push forward!

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs out there that may want to start their own business the way you did?

Here’s my top three bits of advice for new entrepreneurs!

  1. Do what you have to do now, so you can do what you want to do later ! (don’t be in a rush to quit that job until you can pay yourself)
  2. Go for it! Don’t wait for the “right time”- it will never come!
  3. Success usually doesn’t come in one “big bang”- it’s a series of small steps that you take daily, so write three things you can achieve each day and by the time you look up you’ll be that much farther ahead!

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