It’s a crazy world out there, and we all know it. Now, more than ever perhaps, we must make a conscious decision to step away from the Twitter voices and TV talking heads, to breathe deeply, and just relax. It helps when you have something to keep you grounded, while reminding you of what is good, imaginative, and serene. This is exactly what the Hugo Award Winning artist/illustrator Geneva Bowers wants to give to every one of her followers (over 150K on IG!), readers, and fellow artists – the gift of a simple moment, one which brightens an otherwise hectic or troublesome day. She describes her style as “…adding whimsy with a touch of realism and calm,” and whether it’s her online comic series Hover Girls or a magical still of an otherworldly normal situation, we’re all here for it.

As it’s the season to be thankful, we at SHEEN are grateful for Geneva taking time out of her day to answer a few of our questions.


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