“The “Unorthodoxfox” shares just why it’s important to follow your dreams, as opposed to following others’ opinions.

Expression and symbolism are words that effectively describe the meaning of art. It has the ability to draw you in and make you feel exactly how the artist felt at the time of creation, of each masterpiece and the message conveyed to the viewer. Lauren O. Ulieme also known as, “Unorthodoxfox” on social media, is a native of Detroit, Michigan but spent most of her time in South Georgia. A commissioned artist with an eye for great detail, her illustrations are a reflection of black culture, depicting images of beauty with a touch of fantasy. She began her journey as a child and despite the opinions of other, she has allowed her artistic nature cultivate a great body of work. Ulieme is a young, thriving artist seeking to become a household name with her pieces and style.


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