Miryam Lumpini is revamping the tattoo industry, as one of the most creative colorists in the game.

From Sweden to Los Angeles, Miryam Lumpini has completely transformed the tattoo industry. While black and gray tattoos have predominantly the standard in West Coast culture, Lumpini brought color tattoos to LA by staying true to her own personal style. Also known as “the witchdoctor,” for her intuitive ability to help cover scars and old tattoos, Miryam is putting her own spin on what it means to be an artist by transforming the body into a masterpiece.

Tell me about your style as an artist, and the inspiration behind your creations.

I grew in Sweden an that’s where I did my apprenticeship. My teachers’ styles were black and grey, but I knew I was more of a color person. I was already looking at people’s work like Nick Baxter’s and other colorful biomechanical pieces – more new school. But I also was influenced by traditional and new tattooing techniques. When I was going to conventions, I remember trying to hang out with artists who created the kind of work I admired, not only in the ways they illustrated but also how they used color and tried to cultivate my own style within that. It really inspired me to create a style within color.


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