This spring we saw R&B female group DMK as spotlight artists on FOX’s Empire this past season. These ladies are next to bring back that old-school meets new age trend of R&B music. They are DMK. The members are Damoli (22), Melanee (22), and Kourtney (21) from Detroit, Michigan. They have been working together for years and now their self-titled EP is available in all music streaming services such as Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify.

How did DMK come together? 

Damoli: We started in a non-profit organization together and we started doing a play. Actually Kourtney and I were in the play first then Melanee came along after to share the part with her. There was a part in the play where we all had to sing together and the harmony between our voices was so right, plus the reaction from the crowd was so great. So we’ve been together now for 12 years with the same people, no member changes.

What can we expect from your EP? 

Kourtney : I will definitely say they will be very satisfied with it especially all of the R&B fans who love real R&B. I will definitely describe our EP out right now as that for those looking for real R&B to come back. It’s a variety of balance between what you hear on the radio today and R&B. I think that’s what people like about it because its songs you can listen to in the club, riding in the car, and while you’re getting dressed. So yes I think the real R&B lovers will like it.

What are DMK’s Beauty Must-Haves? 

Kourtney : As a women every woman needs a really good pair of black leggings. We need a good pump or heel because I’m a shoe fanatic so I have to add that in there. I love Spiked Brow pencil by MAC and now its the new trend to have your eyebrows on fleek. I just got into this new cucumber peel-off mask that makes your skin feel like a million times better. For hair I go with a really good pair of flat irons.

Damoli: My list is going to be short. As far as make-up I love concealer so if I’m not putting on a full face and just running out for a few I will put on a little bit of concealer and bronzer for a little glow. I love coconut oil because it can literally be used for anything.

Melanee: I like foundation. At the moment I’m trying to get my skin together so I’m wearing foundation until my skin is completely clear and looks like I’m wearing foundation.  For hair I don’t know because I don’t have much since I cut it so a really good barber is a definite for me. For fashion with me a really comfortable pair of flats or sneakers.

What is DMK’s  top favorite travel spot to go to as a group? 

Melanee: I think as a group our favorite place to travel to is definitely Los Angeles. We all can agree every time we go, we never want to come back home. If we had an option we would stay in L.A. for sure.

How has being from Detroit, the hometown of Motown Records, been an influence for you?

Kourtney: For one, we have really high expectations to live up to considering that we come from here. A lot of the Motown artists were groups. So for us to be from Detroit, that alone and coming from a city with so much legacy, there are some really high expectations. We have some really big shoes to fill. So we are hard workers and my granddad was in The Four Tops, so we had a lot of time to pick his brain about the industry. So, he taught us that not one person in the group is greater than the group. To know who you are as an artist and never allow anyone to take that away from you.; considering his group was one of the longest lasting groups and the only thing that parted them was death. So we make a joke with each other about the only way out of this group is death so we can’t break up. We can’t change members and as far as music as influence, it was timeless music back then. We want to make timeless music as well.

Are there any upcoming events this summer for DMK?

Yes, on July 8th we will be in Atlanta opening up for Jacquees. Then we will back in Detroit July 23rd for Ro James and K. Michelle.

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Here is there latest single release from there highly anticipated EP called “Major”.