Atlanta’s Atrium in Ponce City Market was ablaze with talent and empowerment as the ASCAP Women Behind The Music mixer took center stage. The night was a tribute to the influential women shaping the music industry, both on stage and behind the scenes.

What made the evening special was a special emphasis on the influential roles women play in crucial aspects of the music industry, notably in A&R, artist development, and songwriting. 

Grammy nominated singer & songwriter Summer Walker was honored for her contributions as one of the most influential R&B singers of recent years. Summer Walker’s artistry is unlike any R&B or Soul artist that has emerged in recent years. Her now chart-topping career has been fueled by a remarkable diversity and skill as a songwriter. Her lyrical ability invokes listeners emotions while maintaining her seamless skill for storytelling, effortlessly blending R&B with soulful nuances. Walker’s ability to articulate the complexities of love and life resonates deeply with fans globally, showcasing a depth of emotion that pushes boundaries. From sultry ballads to infectious anthems, she navigates the vast landscape of human experiences with authenticity and finesse. As a songwriter, Summer Walker not only captures the essence of her own journey but also crafts narratives that bring your emotions to the surface, making her a standout force in the vocal music scene.

The evening also honored  industry powerhouses,  Amber Grimes, EVP, General Manager of LVRN, and Sammye-Ruth Scott,  Senior Director of A&R at Atlantic Atlantic Records. Their roles in shaping the musical landscape were celebrated as testaments to the impact women have on the industry.

Sammye-Ruth Scott’s presence as Senior A&R at Atlantic Atlantic Records not only symbolized her personal achievements but also underscored the increasing prominence of women in executive roles. Her insights and dedication to nurturing talent have left an indelible mark on the artists she collaborates with, contributing to the ever-evolving soundscape of the music world.

I wanna touch women from around the world. It’s so important for us to open spaces for creativity and growth. That’s the legacy I want to leave”

Against the backdrop of Atlanta’s vibrant music scene, the mixer stood as a testament to the diverse contributions of women in music. From the soulful melodies of Summer Walker to the leadership of Amber Grimes and strategic brilliance of Sammye-Ruth Scott.

The event underscored the need to recognize and honor women who have shaped the industry through their art and contributions.The annual ASCAP Women Behind The Music proved to be a pivotal platform for acknowledging the indomitable spirit of women in music, showcasing their talents, and applauding their significant roles in shaping the industry’s narrative.

In the realm of artist development, the ASCAP Women Behind The Music mixer centered the stories of music’s heroines who work behind the scenes to bring sounds to life. These women contribute significantly to the growth and success of so many artists The event reminded the industry that the music business thrives not just on the voices heard on stage but also on the expertise of those guiding artists through their journeys, shaping careers and fostering the next generation of musical luminaries. Through A&R, artist development, and songwriting, women continue to redefine the industry’s narrative and propel it forward into new and exciting territories.