Ashley Renne gives tips on how to submerge yourself in culture when traveling.

As a professional photographer and videographer, Ashley Renne has a REAL case of the travel bug, so we knew Renne was the ideal person to discuss how to enjoy culture on her own terms. With so much culture from food to fashion, how does she soak it all in? We caught up with the justified jet setter to see how she gets into the culture when out and about!

When preparing to travel, how much research do you do on the fashion culture of destinations?

Knowing what clothing items to pack for a trip requires a delicate balance of researching a destination’s weather, cultural taboos, fashion trends, and religious customs. In Egypt for example, I learned it was taboo to show too much skin. The women in my group were treated differently based on how revealing their clothing was. In India, different regions have different religious groups – in Old Delhi, I had to cover up in order to enter certain buildings like the Jama Masjid, one of the largest mosques in India. In these cases, I aim to blend in and dress as closely to the locals as possible. However, the spotlight often shines on Western societies being at the forefront of inappropriately adopting aspects of cultures that aren’t our own, which is where the research comes in. Truthfully there is a fine line between what is considered cultural appropriation, cultural appreciation, and simply showing respect.


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Featured Image obtained on the official Instagram of Ashley Renne