Minister Nakita Davis is the Founder & CEO of Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House. With Christ as the anchor, her diverse team is uniquely positioned to edify God and fellow believers through the best-selling literary platform that she has created. The brand and mission is to inspire Women of Faith around the globe to SOAR in Him! 

What was the inspiration behind ‘Jesus, Coffee & Prayer’?

Originally, Jesus, Coffee and Prayer was simply the name of my very 1st published book. God had planted the seed of authorship in my heart a long time ago in my youth. As a teen, I dreamed of becoming a best-selling author~ drinking lattes, writing my next best-selling book. So, becoming an author, I knew I had to do. But I had no clue that the Lord was positioning me to become a publisher. My publishing company was birthed largely in response to the women who purchased my very 1st book. 

While on my initial book tour, I would often speak to women who also had dreams of authorship; but for one reason or another, they were stuck in bringing their vision to life. 

The excuse or lack of confidence in their literary ability was greater than the vision.

Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House quickly became the solution for aspiring and seasoned authors alike! With 17 best-selling authors/coauthors in the last six months, I think it’s fair to say that God’s vision NEVER comes back void! We are just getting warmed up.

How does your work in Ministry and as a Publisher coincide?

In the normal business world, it is often said to not mix your religious beliefs with your business and to keep them separate. In my case, my faith in Jesus Christ, and my ministry is the foundation of my publishing business. Prayer is apart of my business strategy! So, as it pertains to my business, I am very clear on ‘who’ gets the Glory from the books that I am blessed to publish. I am also clear on the caliber of work that my team produces. Our goal is to produce quality books that glorify God and primarily edify women of faith in their daily walk. 

What major challenges do emerging authors often face and how do you advise overcoming that?

Emerging authors often struggle with finishing their manuscript. They simply overthink it. We are often our worst critics. Instead of pouring out their message on paper, they are often busy producing a perfect manuscript that no one reads! During my developmental sessions, I encourage aspiring authors to simply put it on paper.  The best advice is to just write.  A skilled editor will help writers polish their work. This is one of the many benefits to working with Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House. 

Tell us about the Q.U.E.E.N. Xperience: 

The Q.U.E.E.N Xperience is a global platform to inspire, equip, and challenge women to play their royal position in their home & in the marketplace. This platform was created to not only motivate but to provide women with the tools to thrive in their careers, businesses, ministries, and nonprofits. Successful conferences and developmental workshops are hosted throughout the year to ignite women into their Greater! Recently, this platform was morphed into a #1 best-selling book ~ captivating women around the world with transformative testimonies from our Queen Coauthors. 

 What is next for your brand and how can readers connect with you online?

Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House is on the move and has several Future best-selling projects currently in the works! God is faithful! We have a host of upcoming book opportunities (Pray, Slay, & Collect. & She Sparkles 365), author workshops, and empowerment conferences set to unleash in 2020! Stay connected by following us on Facebook and Instagram.  Visit us and subscribe by visiting the website.

Aspiring best-selling authors – publish with us! Email us at Text: PublishMe to 31996 for your no obligation consultation.



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