From an early age, Angel Marie embraced her love of the hair industry and has used her talents to enhance the confidence of women of all facets.  As a recognized stylist at Atlanta’s Gocha Salon, she enjoys using her passion to not only help women look good, but also reach their healthy hair goals.

Tell us about your work in the Atlanta beauty industry.

I like to keep myself busy in the salon when it come to the Atlanta beauty industry. I have become more known for my individual crochet locs because I provide quality work at a reasonable price. I do have a few other services that I will be promoting soon, so make sure to look out for that.

Share a few healthy hair tips for readers to keep in mind during this cold season.

A few healthy hair tips to keep in mind during this cold season is that you tend to experience a little more hair loss due to lack of hydration and humidity, so treat your hair with more love. Although many people believe it’s the best time to wear natural press, it’s actually better to wear protective styles.

What are some of the spring/summer hair trends we can expect this year?

Spring/Summer hair trends to look forward to include passion twists, micro links, I-Tips extensions, more ponytails, frontals, and braids!

What key piece of advice would you share with emerging beauty professionals?

A key piece of advice that I can provide for emerging beauty professionals is to embrace the importance of branding. People will only take you as serious as you take yourself. Make your brand and customer service a priority.

What is next for you this year and how can readers connect with you online?

This year will be amazing, I am focusing on providing more quality services to my clients, building my clientele and brand. Every last Sunday of the month, I co-host an event entitled, “Business Reboot” that can be found on Eventbrite.

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