Following the worldwide success of the children’s book I’m a Pretty Little Black Girl, Betty K. Bynum scores a deal with Hallmark for her growing brand,  The I’m a Girl Collection. She opens up about the brand and what’s next for her in the world of film.

MIA doll

After partnering up with collectable doll maker, Madame Alexander, actress, author, and screenwriter Betty K. Bynum has released the newest addition to her African American doll collection, the Mia doll. This 18’ collectable doll was made in the image of the main character of Bynum’s hugely successful NAACP nominated children’s book I’m a Pretty Little Black Girl! from The I’m a Girl Collection, a literary series promoting positive images and mantras for young girls of color ages 2-9. “The [Mia] doll actually came about in 2010 when I met with Madame Alexander. They got very excited about it and said ‘Yes’ to the doll within 30mins of my meeting,” Betty says. After noticing an absence of prominent black children’s book character dolls, Bynum wanted to dedicate the name of her doll to what she observed. “Mia’s name is from ‘Missing In Action’ because there were no picture book-based black dolls ever,” she says.


Following I’m a Pretty Little Black Girl!, is I’m a Lovely Little Latina!, a children’s book written in English and Spanish. This year, Betty has inked a licensing deal with Hallmark for the first book of her brand, and she is currently in talks with them about The I’m a Girl Collection continuing titles as they have expressed excitement over the on-going book series.

Betty K. Bynum is not to be mistaken for just an author. She is an accomplished actress, appearing in Death at a Funeral, Charmed and Beverley Hills, 90210, as well as a screenwriter. “I have a deal with Fox Searchlight. Todd black, who is an amazing producer, is on board. I have interest from another major celebrity; [but] I can’t name her. It (the screenplay) is gaining momentum. So, it’s really great.”

Next up, is a new children’s book written by her son, Joshua Bynum, titled I Am a Brilliant Little Black Boy! “It celebrates all little black boys in a way they have never been celebrated before,” she says. “It’s going to be gloriously done because we’ve never had a book for our boys that’s had a blinged up beautiful cover. I really want it to look like a gift. It is my gift to our boys [so] they have something they will treasure. I am really excited about it.” A documentary entitled, It’s All in the Title is in the works. The film will speak on the importance of I’m a Pretty Little Black Girl! according to women as well as a documentary just for little boys, which will be a companion to I Am a Brilliant Little Black Boy!”  Between her children’s books, collectable dolls, and films, it will be impossible for the Betty K. Bynum brand to go unnoticed in 2016.