In today’s beauty industry brands are searching for ways to make their businesses thrive through the digital age.

Phylencia “PT” Taylor has created a book that will change the game for brands and beauty influencers everywhere. By providing information on core marketing and communication strategies, this book is guaranteed to help leverage brands. Evolving Beauty: The Business of Beauty in A New Age was inspired by Taylor’s observations after working with over 50 companies in the last 15 years.

“It is amazing how the digital age is changing the beauty industry,” Taylor said.


From working with independent companies to established fortune 500 companies Taylor has sought out what hurts and elevates brands. As readers journey through each chapter they are encouraged to experience a ‘beauty breakthrough theorem’ on how to build better business relationships, and the importance of beauty influencers knowing core marketing strategies.

“Do you want your brand to chase after consumers or do you want consumers to come to you? In this chapter, ‘Know Thyself’, you can define yourself instead of being a me-to brand.”

So what tips did Taylor have for those who are aspiring to be in the beauty industry? “Know and understand how the digital age is creating a change in the industry. Once your product is online it is considered to be an international brand, so it is important that products [can] be shipped internationally. Also, be innovative.”

African-American women are over the index for purchases in the beauty industry today. Not only do they trump the number of purchases made in the United States, but in the world. Yet, the search for the right hair or skincare product still exists.

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“In 2016, it is despicable and disgraceful that we have to go through that. All of this ties to innovation. We spend so much money but we’re not being treated well, and not respected as viable players. Yet, our dollars are being accepted.”

Brands focus on competing with other companies instead of spending their money for innovative purposes. When their tactics are not used for longevity it affects their chances of sustaining a successful company.

Evolving Beauty: The Business of Beauty in A New Age was created for dream chasers, freedom followers, and change agents. Taylor aspires to make a small company big, and to turn a big company into a legacy. During her book tour she has received the chance to speak with beauty influencers to inspire a change in their brands. She has traveled to Detroit, New York, Atlanta, and in October of 2016 she will travel to Charlotte to connect with people passionate about elevating their brands in the beauty industry.

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