Entering adulthood is a bittersweet moment. It is a time to find yourself and take on more responsibilities, but you don’t have to go through this time alone.

Author and entrepreneur Zakiyrah Ficklin is fulfilling her dreams in life to inspire women and change lives, at the age of 23. In her self-published book, Her 20 Somethings, Ficklin reaches out to women in their 20s to walk them through the “quarter life crisis”. Ficklin is an ambitious go-getter that serves as a positive role model to those around her, and makes a difference in her community.


In October 2015, Ficklin and her partner, Meyhgin Harrington, started a nonprofit organization, H.E.R. Foundation. With the goal to help women with financial literacy, skill-based learning, and self-care these ladies have made a positive impact through their organization. Currently, the ladies are visiting group homes each month to do vision board and goal setting parties to further encourage young women. They have also helped women in domestic violence shelters to create job placement files. As we go through life we may face different adversities, but it is important to find your voice in these moments.

“Sometimes we don’t have the capacity to handle the things that we go through by ourselves,” Ficklin said, “eventually we need to allow someone to listen.”


Writing has provided an outlet for the young author to grow from her past experiences. Her 20 Somethings is not only a self-help book, but also a story about a young woman overcoming hardships she has faced in life. Readers have the chance to complete exercises within the book about finding purpose, personal core values, and putting an expiration date on blaming the past. One thing she stresses is not remaining stuck in your past, and not letting your circumstances define who you are. This book serves as a guide to help women face the tough times, and to move forward into their dreams. 

“Follow your purpose, and don’t let anyone deter you from what you can do. God didn’t give them the vision to see it, He gave it to you. There are other people in this world that are counting on you.”

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