“Her substance is layered by quintessential strength that comes from the tests of her Faith” Aventer Gray

Spring is in the air and the fragrance of harmony reign met us at The Aventer Gray Lifestyle Brand Launch in Greenville, South Carolina at The Regency Greenville Hotel on Sunday afternoon. Setting the bar super high, Pastor, Aventer Gray took leveling up to a heavenly oasis; creating a memory lane type of environment. The walls were adorned with Mrs. Gray’s inspirational words like love, joy, peace, harmony, prayer, and empowerment. “I wanted to create an experience of transparency and open dialogue where we can discuss what we go through as women and get to replenishing us -with some me time, hence the spa-like atmosphere.” Aventer Gray

Pastor Aventer Gray & SHEEN Correspondent, Daphne Williams

Comedian & actress, Kiana Dancie

Indeed #HarmonyReign19 was a brand launch like no other with jaw-dropping floral arrangements, delicious food with many friendly and familiar faces. The Gray’s spared no cost to create a tranquil space of enlightenment filled with unity that was designed for dreaming out loud, thus making yourself and God proud – finally. Soft pink with splashes of darker pink flowers, golden with pops of bright red, and lilac balloons canopying the entrance greeted you with quotes to adjust your entire mindset and mood.

The trestle of flowers cascading the entrance way reminded you of a garden of love with a peaceful moment of escape – to Zen. Tranquility and harmony were certainly on the agenda. The Regency Greenville in South Carolina was transformed into a spa-like brunch celebration of life, living and legacy building. Something about fresh out the oven melting in your mouth meaty crab cakes– with the right amount of crunch- hits different when the friendly servers add the homemade sauce with that good ole fashion – like big momma use to make- southern & syrupy sweet iced tea. The finger food menu was icing on the cake pops, but hands down the ambiance stole the show.

Throughout each section questions were posed – some rhetorical; causing you to ponder, and others were actionable like: How may I serve you with prayer? It sat atop the round table with plush seats, pen, and fancy gold inscribed (with Aventer’s words of encouragement) on larger than average indexed size cards adjacent a large clear prayer drop box. While seated in silence- with eyes closed most women reflected on God as they wrote out their prayer requests. My prayer simply read: Thank you for showing up, suddenly!

What’s a woman’s event without a selfie activation booth – well Aventer Gray’s Harmony Reigns Brand Launch had several. Pastor Aventer Gray knows how us women love to look and feel pretty, so she provided the space to take the perfect unfiltered photo. Every girl deserves options, and the event of the Greenville, South Carolina didn’t disappoint as you had a choice to take a few usies with your besties or a selfie in “my secret garden” the golden adult seated swing section with that country living that’s reserved for screened in wrap-around porches. If you ever wanted to grace the cover of a magazine – well today was the day to stop imagining and see it to fruition by stepping up your game and walking into the ‘AVENTER Magazine photo booth.’

Oh, and I named it my secret garden section – just because there was a peace therein that made me forget the stress of the prior week. For the record, I so needed this experience to realign my focus with Gods promises for my life and journey to design the life, brand, and results I want in my world, life, business, and career. Yes, the ambiance was set, and the results were evident in the people entering smiling and exiting with FREE well-drawn self-portraits, massages, yummy smelling candles, personally autographed journals and full bellies as the food never ceased from being served. Nestled in every corner was a different self-care section to relish to ignite you to – act now.

As a sister-friend, the lovely, original Destiny Child Member & Songwriter, and now Family Hustle cast member, Latoya Luckett was a gracious, funny and motivating host who spoke highly of her amazing friendship (and its importance) with Aventer Gray.

Pastor Aventer, what a dynamic experience you’ve created with an atmosphere to remember; teaching us to reconnect; from the inside out.

Yes, I wanted to create an environment that reminded women that they matter. It’s all about celebrating us. We must take the time to remember our worth. In my quiet time with God, He downloads quotes within me that I knew wasn’t just for me, but for all women, so I shared them through my brand event on walls, tables, on t-shirts and within the Harmony Reign journals. As women, we do a lot while having many titles that we wear as aunties, wives, pastors, teachers, mentors, grandmothers, sister-friends, cousins and leaders. At the base of it all, we are all women and are powerful.” Aventer Gray

The entire event was designed to empower women to walk on as well as within their purpose and create what’s in their hearts. “I created the journals, candles and jewelry line because we all love pretty things that smell good. I wanted all women to know that they deserve the best and need to create their own harmony because this world has enough negativity. The motivational quotes within my interactive & thought-provoking journals will inspire women to do great work.”

While interviewing to Tisha Campbell-Martin, she offered us some personal beauty tips as well as why she thought it was important to be at Aventer Gray’s Brand Launch?

Not only are we friends, but I also love what Aventer is doing for women and I wanted to support the women of Greenville, SC, and Aventer’s products along with where she’s going with it. It’s all very motivating, and authentic – the way in which she pours into us and helping us all with our beautiful, strong and excellent selves. People need to be reminded of how incredible we truly are as women. We are so busy giving everyone all of us by being the pillar of strength for others that we often forget us, so we must learn to give to ourselves. Harmony Reign is needed!” – Tisha Campbell-Martin

Actress, Tisha Campbell-Martin

Tisha Campbell-Martin shares her three (3) must have beauty tips:

  • I like getting my nails done, so ladies save up your money and go get your nails done.
  • Moisturize, moisturize and use tons of sunscreen. I have Melasma and it runs in my family. We didn’t deal with acne growing, but Melasma, which are brown spots from the sun.
  • Find a good color corrector if you have dark spots or bags because it truly helps.

As cliché as it may sound – it was a you had to be there moment. Her successful and wealthy friends spoke about their journey to here, their friendships and why women connections are vital. Her powerful and talented panel of friends was that boost we all needed to align ourselves with staying the course.

It felt as if you were at a women’s conference designed to evoke change. Indeed, mindsets were shifted along with the atmosphere that was a catalyst to witnessing a new vision within. Goes without saying many gems were dropped that consisted of straight to the point recipes to success:

  • Be a friend
  • Find your tribe
  • Know your worth
  • Hear from God & listen
  • Use what’s in your hands
  • Be genuine about who you are
  • Connect with like-minded women
  • Sit at the feet of seasoned (wise) women
  • Study to show yourselves approved Be genuine about who you are
  • Work on all that while doing what you were designed to do – then do it with excellence!

With a sense of community, we all were considered VIP from the moment we entered the balloon cascading entryway welcoming us with scented walls from the aroma of lilies, baby breathe, and long stem roses. Divinely orchestrated, Pastor Ave’s (affectionately called by the Relentless Parishioner’s) vision set the table and we all had a seat therein to glean and learn with only one requirement – to let go, start a new, live a little, apply the wisdom, and love a lot.

Harmony Reign 19 was a space of hope, blooming into being fully you with a timely word to usher us into our divine place. The aura and workshop style living room set taught us, women, to renew our strength in God. Averter Gray’s event reassured that nothing is impossible with a made-up mind. Now is the time to take quantum leaps with mustard seed faith, restored vision to enlighten our way towards the light at the end of the tunnel as we commit to walking through our darkest moments. The panelist were all good friends of Pastor Aventer and consisted of Award Winning Gospel Singer, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, Veteran Actress, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Baby Boy’s Actress, Health Minister, and Cast Member on The Book of John Gray, AJ Johnson, and her Host LaToya Luckett all intimately shared their stories of love, friendship, career, pain, and becoming.

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All images by Apollo Wonex

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