Avielle Amor is a lifestyle and beauty vlogger based out of New York City who is a fitting breath of fresh air to the cyber world and beauty industry that sparingly caters to some but not all groups. She is the rich – skinned, 4c–curled voice that has brought us hair guidance, skin routines, the New York lifestyle, and beat-to-perfection flawless face finishes. We’ve teamed up with Avielle Amor to bring you the ultimate holiday beauty guide.

How did you getting into blogging and YouTube?

It started with the military. I was in the Air Force active duty now I am in the Reserves, so I am still in just not active duty anymore. Being in the Air Force, it was hard for me to maintain my feminine identify. So from there I just sought for refuge within my YouTube channel and there I learned makeup and appreciated makeup even more. Everything originated from there.

What is the most important item in a woman’s beauty routine?

The foundation, which is your skincare, like making sure you’re taking care of the base and you’re still loving your actual face without makeup. At the end of the day you have to take off your makeup or if you go to the gym someone people are makeup wearers but you just have to be proud of your skin and appreciate that. From there you’ll choose products better, you will look for paraben free products or things that suite your skin because you know your skin.

In the African American community, what is one thing that is an issue as far as beauty?

Colorism. I feel like we are celebrating ourselves more, the “melanin popping” or what not but still there’s an underlining thing where not many products are made in our shade. I really appreciate entrepreneurial black women that are their own foundation to alleviate this problem. I don’t feel like it’s us doing it to ourselves as far as not having a diversity in that shades of foundation it’s just that mainstream doesn’t see that we’re a huge market here. So I feel like we are working our Black Girl Magic here and starting our own businesses to solve the problems that the bigger brands don’t even see as a problem.

How do you become so confident and what advice would you have for someone who isn’t as confident?

Self-affirmation, I just have these things, “I am confident, beautiful and I am positive, I am happy”, whenever I feel a way I just remind myself that I am those things. When you constant repeat those things and mediate and you reflect, you will believing those things and carrying yourself in that manner and from there it exudes.

What is the best part of your career and how do you think you’ve reached other women?

The best part is representation, like showing a dark skin woman with short natural hair and being able to talk about beauty with other people that are the beauty industry. Just all the relationships I have been able to make and the places I have been able to go. Just inspiring other women to cut their hair or accept their hair with the 4c, 4b hair texture and know that that hair texture is good hair as well. I feel great knowing that I represent that for other women that probably were doubtful about their own hair texture and their skin color.


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