Charron Monaye is an award-winning playwright, author, coach, entrepreneur, and writer. After overcoming multiple life-altering anxiety attacks, Charron had to learn how to give her pain a voice. She had to remove toxicity, manage overwhelming financial setbacks, and master up the strength to leave an unhealthy marriage, all while raising her children. In the midst of it all, she adapted a new sense of survival while opening up about losing everything, and finding peace in the process.

To find her voice, power, and strength, she released her first book of poetry, My Side of the Story, in 2010 under Purposeful Publishing, LLC. It was so raw and transparent about her marriage and divorce that it was adapted into a stage play entitled Living Your Life and featured in the Black Theater Festival in Washington D.C. with actress D’atra Hicks.

Realizing the power of her words, Charron created her literacy company, Pen Legacy, in 2015 which offers self-publishing, script and writing services, and writing/empowerment coaching. Since then, she has authored 10 books, (co-authored 2), published 16 books, and written/produced three theatrical productions. Two of her books, Love the Real You and STOP Asking for Permission & Give Notice, became Amazon bestsellers!

Just recently, she had the opportunity to hone her writing skills by studying under television producer, screenwriter, and author Shonda Rhimes, and NAACP Image Award Author Victoria Christopher Murray.

Compelling women, men, and the youth with her story and equipping them to succeed, Ms. Monaye continues to inspire others to use their voice to stand in the power of their greatness through her talks, workshops, and keynote addresses. Recently, she shared with me some amazing information as to how she got started and how new authors can become successful.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

To be honest, when I was a little girl. One of my second grade teachers told my mom that I talked too much and that I was going to be a writer. So to stop me from talking in class, the teacher would give me paper because that was how she could shut me up. Back then I was writing as a way for people to keep me quiet but when I really started embarking on my writing career I was 14. I found comfort in writing poetry and later that evolved into writing books.

You are a 2x best-selling author on Amazon. What are ways that writers can be successful at selling their books online?

Promoting and marketing is huge. One of the things that I found as a writer is that your book has to meet people where they are. When you are releasing a book, you have to make sure that the book is relatable, that it is necessary, meaning it’s not a “trend” where you just woke up and decided today I want to be an author and I have a story so I’m going to write it. You have to ask yourself who are you writing the book for, you or the reader? So to be successful with your books, you have to make sure that your book is good to everyone and not just yourself.”

What are your thoughts on self-publishing for new authors?

I like self-publishing but I think that if you are going to go that route then you need a coach.There are a lot of people that self-publish who are excited about releasing a book but they don’t understand the industry, therefore they are not as successful as they could be. You have to get educated about this industry first so that you can be successful in it. You need someone to coach you through the process. With my company, Pen Legacy, I help authors and I do not take any royalties. I direct authors through the process. I not only publish their books but also help educate them.”


Charron Monaye has a new book coming out called, “I Want To Quit My Job: 8 Entrepreneur Strategies for Massive Results While Employed,” which will be released on April 24 and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Books-A-Million!

If you are a new author seeking to be the best at what you do and get your book to the best sellers list, then be sure to check out her website and discover more information about the Pen Legacy brand and her latest books!

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