5,909 miles separate Ayogu Kingsley and I, yet we are able to communicate, to talk, all possible because of Whatsapp. Ayogu Kingsley is twenty-four, a gifted painter, and has lived in Nigeria his whole life. I found his work clicking through Instagram. For all you social media naysayers, here’s an instance in which technology actually did bring people together. But enough about all that. Let’s talk art. Kingsley’s paintings are so real and lifelike they become surreal, almost supernatural in a way, like a full moon able to be seen hours before nightfall. And in spite of the computer screen, one can easily sense the emotion, the joy, and the anguish, displayed through the properties of water, the water pouring over the painting’s, Ayogu’s subjects. I was fortunate to have been able to ask Ayogu a few questions over the phone.


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