SHEEN Magazine takes pride in describing itself as the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman. The question becomes, “Who is the modern day woman?” A simple answer really. All women, everywhere. Yet, when it comes to the beauty industry, very often, the idea of beauty is almost synonymously linked with youth. All those taglines out there, such as “Use so and so product to look and feel younger,” assume there is a standard, assume that all woman not only want to look younger but need to look younger in order to be beautiful. Alright, so this may be a little harsh, but implicitly, if a company is solely promoting the fountain of youth, what are they really saying? Nothing good that’s for sure.

This is why a company such as Ayuna – Less is Beauty is so refreshing. The luxury cosmetic brand is, “A natural, rejuvenating program that invites us to change our relationship with beauty by replacing anti-aging, an intrinsic war against aging, with well-aging, a modern and integrated approach to beauty which embraces a lifestyle that promotes healthy, harmonious, and graceful aging.”

Instead of over-stimulating the skin, Ayuna takes the less is more approach, by providing essential pure botanical ingredients, which enhances our largest organ’s natural abilities to, “… self-repair, regenerate, and protect itself from toxins, oxidative stress, and inflammation.” Many of the “overstimulated” anti-aging products, in the long run, end up doing more damage than good. There is no such thing as a quick fix. You would think we would have learned this by now. It takes a concerted effort, a holistic approach, to ward off not age, but unhealthy skin, as again, Ayuna isn’t attempting to squash the inevitable father time, as much as reorient the way we think about beauty and age.

But do their products work? For the past two weeks, I’ve been using Ayuna’s body cream. Upon first applying the cream, I immediately fell in love with it. There is something aromatic about the scent. It’s difficult to describe, like one of those memories or dreams, on the tip of your subconscious tongue, not yet fully realized, though pleasant, peaceful even. Regarding efficacy, not only did my skin feel alive, smooth, as if having been allowed to breathe after years of asphyxiated dryness, but there was none of that residual oily feel which always seems so unnatural to me. The more I used it – and I didn’t have to use much, which is fortunate since the cream is expensive – the more my skin felt replenished, fresh, very much like Ayuna said it would. And truthfully, my skin has never felt this good.

So cheers to Ayuna, not only for its message but for a wonderful product.

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All Images: Ayuna