Remembering the good times with those who are no longer with us, and celebrating and sharing the memories of them, along with carrying on their traditions can lighten the load of mourning their loss during these times. We had a chance to speak with Spirit, therapist and life coach on the mental, emotional, and physical perspective of dealing with loss during the holidays and how to step into the New Year with your best foot forward.

The holiday season can be hard with dealing with the loss of loved ones. What advice can you give to those who struggle with missing loved ones during this time?

The key is to focus on all the amazing blessings that the person gifted you with and use this season as a time to celebrate those things rather than focus on the fact that the person is no longer with you. Pulling out your favorite pictures or videos of the person, favorite songs that trigger-happy memories and special activities (i.e. parties, balloon releases, prayer vigils) in the person’s honor are also a great way to not only celebrate your loved one(s), but also interact with others who may be missing them and can offer loving support and healing as well.

How can a person balance the holidays under all circumstances from a mental, physical, and emotional perspective?

During the holiday season, it’s important to keep things in perspective and, above all, keep your personal well-being front and center. Be careful not to over extend yourself by committing to doing more than you are able to do comfortably. Safeguard your emotional, physical, financial and spiritual resources. The holiday season should be a time of engaging in activities that bring you joy, a sense of peace and closeness to the things/people that feed you in positive ways.

What kind of activities do you recommend to avoid depression and excessive periods of sadness and feeling down during this time?

Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking too much during the holiday seasons. Gaining undesired weight during the holiday seasons can be the set up for post-holiday blues which leads you to start the new year unhappy with yourself and making New Years’ resolutions around cessation goals that are impossible to meet, setting you up to feel even worse as you head into 2018.

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