Meet, Tanisha “Nisha” Parker, the woman behind the latest trendy subscription box that combines two of women’s most favorite pastimes—books and beauty!

Tanisha Parker was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. but currently resides in California as an Education Specialist. But Tanisha’s primary job doesn’t stop her from finding new ways to encourage women to read more while looking beautiful while doing so. Tanisha dotes on her loving husband and being the mother of two very, beautiful children as to why she’s the beauty powerhouse who has the capabilities to inspire other women.

“I was a teen mom, but that only motivated me to strive for more and set standards high for my children.” Says Tanisha.

However, despite being a full-time mommy, Tanisha is no stranger to business and contributes her worth ethic derived from having a go at building and running two independent companies of her own in the past. “The skill set that was needed to run those businesses has led me to be very versatile in my career and current businesses.”

In 2018, she released a fiction novella titled, Daia’s Destiny, which sparked the inspiration behind her Beauty & Brands, while on a book tour.

“While on tour for my book, I came across a lot of women stating that they don’t read or have time to read. We wear a lot of hats and I felt compelled to help these women find balance. It was so many women I needed to find a way to reach all of them at once so, I started a Facebook group called, Women That Read, to try to encourage women to read—even if it was just an article because I know the feeling of being overwhelmed and not having the time to do the things that I love the most and seriously, what’s better than getting all dolled up and having the leverage to read a good book at the same time?”

However, it wasn’t until Tanisha began engaging and networking with women inside of her Facebook group, that fueled the brilliant idea behind her master plan for Beauty & Brains. “In the group, I noticed there were a lot of women who had many different careers, but I was drawn to women like myself who love to write and are authors. So, I interviewed various authors inside of the group who did not fit stereotypical look of an author. Their faces were “beat”, they were curvy, and they drank wine. People started to tune in and I thought of ideas to spread the message about how women can look good and feel good while doing what they love. So, I pitched an idea about a subscription box that offered books and beauty products to my friend after meeting with some beauty brand reps and my friend encouraged me to go for it! We launched in January 2019 and have been growing ever since!”

The monthly subscription box is available on the company’s website in which subscribers receive a minimum of six items inside of their box.

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All images by Tanisha Parker