Beauty Bakery Cosmetics is a revolutionary brand sweeping away the competition and as for the consumers…well, we are all bafflingly amazed yet, ready to beat our faces at a moment’s notice with their magical products! Recently, I had the pleasure of trying the Coffee & Cocoa Bronzer that melted into my chocolaty skin so well. The palette includes colors Dejà Brew, Anti-Depresso, You’re Grounded, and La Vida Mocha.


When I began swatching the colors, I found each color extremely pigmented and vibrant. Seeing as at the time I didn’t have makeup brushes (long story), I applied the bronzer to my eyelid, using my finger after it was damp. There was a small amount of fall out that could easily be cleaned up. But let me tell you, these colors are beautiful and blended so well with one another. I was so satisfied with the finished product.


The look lasted the entire day – roughly six hours – without moving at any point in time, also, without any setting spray. My face was slayed for the gods, honey! The colors were still just as pigmented as the moment I applied them.


I would 10/10 recommend the Coffee & Cocoa Bronzer. It has become an all-around beauty fav of mine and in just a short time.

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