Beauty expert, Ja’Nece Bradford is no stranger to using her platform to inspire change within the beauty space. She has made it her mission to inspire, motivate and empower young women who are interested in learning more about what it takes to carve out your own lane while reaching back and pulling someone else along. Ja’Nece has worked with some amazing clientele from Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, TV One and much more.  Her ability to transform brides, celebrities, and news anchors into her canvases speaks volumes to her level of artistry. We had the chance to sit down and learn more about the young woman who is known as the vision behind the brand that is JMB Artistry. 

Who is Ja’Nece Bradford? 

I am a trained makeup artist in TV and film who has worked in  the makeup industry for 10 years; I am more than an artist. I’m committed to the progress of others and understand how my outreach efforts can impact the community. 

Why is inclusion an important issue within the beauty space? 

Inclusion allows everyone to be seen and heard. No one  wants to feel left out, inclusiveness builds confidence. 

What has been your biggest project to date? 

I’ve had many but if I had to choose it would be my collaboration with FREE 2RISE educational foundation inc. where I provided a  self-esteem workshop for 5 middle school age girls. This project impacted me greatly because it was not entertainment related. Knowing I was able to encourage young girls to focus on their inner self instead of outside influences, such as social media and celebrity, gives me hope that the next generation is not losing perspective. 

photo by David Andrest

 How has this current moment in your career encouraged you to inspire others? 

I love sharing my journey, the good and the bad.  This current moment in my career has been a true blessing. I’m still amazed when people say “I’m watching you, you inspire me”. My minor influence thus far has given me the aspiration to enlarge my territories as “Just the make-up artist”. My goal is to build a brand that will inspire the world, through motivational speaking, mentorship and living by example every step of my journey, through persistence, dedication and hard work.  

What types of clientele to do you currently work with? 

On-air talent, news anchors (NBC, NHL, NBA reporters) news correspondents, and celebrity guest who appear on news show segments. 

What advice can you give to other aspiring makeup artist? 

PASSION! You have to have passion or this thing, your ability to hustle & stay the course is priority. I’ve been discouraged so many times pushed back 3 steps before I was able to take those 10 steps forward, this industry will have the most talented artist thinking he/she isn’t good enough, block out the noise and stay the course. Practice practice practice, be inspired and NEVER take NO for an answer, if the door won’t open remember there’s always a window nearby. 

What’s next for you? 

Continuing to build my brand and inspire others. I’m trusting God for opportunities that will allow more growth to build a lasting legacy.  I’m just beginning to scratch the surface. Stay tuned as I share advice, tips and tricks as well as my journey through social media(IG) @Jmbartistry2, there  will also be some amazing brand collaborations in the future. 

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