Celebrity makeup artist Rebekah Aladdin on art, clean beauty, and must-have products.

It takes tenacity, creativity, and great style to be a makeup artist, but perhaps the most beautiful aspect of celebrity makeup artist Rebekah Aladdin is her perseverance and desire to continue her family’s legacy of artistry. She is a talented artist, who has united her creative skill set with her love for beauty and makeup. Whether for red carpet glam or television, Rebekah Aladdin is making her “beauty mark” in the industry.

Where did you draw your inspiration from to become a makeup artist?

I’m an artist first and come from a long line of artists. I have a strong appreciation for anything creative. So it makes sense that I carry on that legacy. Makeup is just one realm of my artistry. During my senior year at UCLA, in the wake of my father’s death, I was inspired to pursue all of my creative talents professionally. Makeup was the one I chose to do.


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Featured Image obtained on the official Instagram of Rebekah Aladdin