Rodney Jon shares the inside secrets as a tastemaker of all things beauty.

Rodney John is a renowned celebrity makeup artist with a unique story. Once he grew into his passion for makeup, he began beautifying everyone from Vanessa Simmons to past Sheen inside cover girl, Trinity Fatu. Read his story of greatness and pick up some great tips while you’re at it!

What initially drew you to makeup?

I absolutely love when I am asked this question, because my journey in this business is so unique. I was an auto mechanic first, but I was always into fashion. My career quickly shifted, when I decided to go to The Art Institute to take up fashion marketing. I saw myself working in the business, but more so as a fashion consultant, celebrity wardrobe stylist, or a buyer for major department stores. Being a makeup artist was never a passion of mine, or something I imagined myself doing growing up. I have too thank my client, who is now a good friend, Jae Barnes, for believing in me and seeing my potential. While I was working at J. Crew, she recruited me to work for her at Aveda, and soon makeup became my passion.


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