Beauty influencer and mother, Christine Amor is a woman making major moves in the online world. Not only is she soaring high beyond expectations but the young overachiever is quickly making a name for herself. Upon stumbling across Christine’s channel, we fell in love with this sweet, humble, and real mom. Join us as we got to know Christine Amor, your next biggest obsession.

Can you tell us about yourself? What inspired you to create your YouTube channel?

Well, I first started my YouTube channel several years ago. I was actually working at MAC and I would wear this bun hairstyle all the time. A lot of the girls would ask me how to do it and my best friend at the time had a camera so I decided, let’s record it and put it up! It got a lot of views so I just kept going!

How would you say motherhood has been for you? Is it more difficult to juggle your everyday life and YouTube now? How do you do it?

Honestly, motherhood has been a challenge for me. I’m still trying to figure out what works best because unlike before when it’s just you, you can set your own schedule. But when you’re a mother, you’re dealing with a child who is growing, teething, etc. So, I’m learning still.

What would you say is your favorite thing about being an influencer? Is there anything that you don’t like?

My favorite thing is honestly my God giving ability to help others with makeup and hair. I know it sounds cliché but I honestly enjoy helping people and inspiring people with the things that I do. As far as anything I don’t like, I don’t like the new algorithm that they have. I enjoy the job that I do but YouTube has changed its algorithm so its easier for videos to get lost on the Internet. A lot of my subscribers won’t get notified when I post a new video so it makes all of us work a little harder.

What is your favorite beauty brand? What is your must-have product from them?

So, I wish I had a favorite makeup brand but I really don’t. I have so much different makeup. But I have been natural for eight years and I just started working with a brand called, Fortify’d Naturals. I’ve been sleeping! (laughs) I met them at an event and we decided to work together. I did my hair using their products and it’s literally the best thing. I don’t have a specific product from them but as far as a line, that is my favorite right now.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Honestly, the same thing that you guys have been seeing from me, which like uploading but I will say there will be more of a consistent basis now that I have a bit more of a hold on motherhood. I was really struggling with that, being a mom and trying to record videos, so more videos, content working with brands on a consistent basis!


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