If you’re familiar with Tiarra Monet in the world of YouTube, you know that she is a jack of all trades when it comes to all things beauty. If you’ve been following her for a while and have become one of her “royaltees” you may know that she was just named the newest Haircolor Ambassador for Dark and Lovely! We caught up with the beloved beauty influencer to discuss her exciting new role with the brand and to find out what upcoming projects we can see from her soon!

Congratulations on becoming the newest Haircolor Ambassador for Dark and Lovely! Tell us about your exciting new role.

Thank you! Working with Dark and Lovely is every brown girl’s dream! As Haircolor Ambassador, I will be supporting Dark and Lovely’s Fade Resist haircolor portfolio, which includes best-selling hues Vivacious Red, Jetset Black, and Honey Blonde. In addition to participating in key brand activations, I will also be creating dynamic digital content and drive social media campaigns. We just wrapped our television press week in Los Angeles and have some exciting things lined up in the coming months. I’m so excited for everyone to see what we have cooked up!

What are you most excited about working with such an iconic brand?

As a brown girl from the Bronx, I remember walking down the aisle at local beauty supply stores and being completely enamored by the beautiful brown faces I saw on Dark and Lovely boxes. It was the first time I saw women that looked like me and my mama, be celebrated. It was moments like this that propelled me to begin to not only celebrate myself but to create spaces for women to feel beautiful, strong and honored. Working with Dark and Lovely is a dream personified. My hope is that women see my work with Dark and Lovely and feel empowered to celebrate themselves.

In addition to being a beauty influencer, you are also the founder and lead stylist at The Crowned Collection. What inspired you to create it?

I knew that with hard work and God I could achieve anything I put my mind to. As a little girl, I would watch my mom beautify women as a licensed cosmetologist. I saw my mother not only help women feel powerful but also run a fully operating business before entrepreneurship was “posh”. I knew I wanted more for my life so I tapped into the strength I saw in my mom and hit the ground running. I remember how beautiful I felt after I got a fresh press and curl or the new sway in my aunt’s hips when she used a new lipstick. Beauty and fashion have a transformative power that I have yet to fully understand myself. The Crowned Collection was started because I love how hair and makeup make ME feel and I wanted other women to experience that feeling too!

What is something your Royaltees don’t know about you?

That I am really an introvert! People are so surprised when I say I can count my friends on one hand. With the nature of my career, I give a lot of me to the world and I love it but I need and thoroughly enjoy alone quiet time.

What else do you have up your sleeve? Are there any upcoming projects you could give us insight into?

Life is beautiful right now! I’m marrying my best friend early next year so I’m planning that and I just launched my new baby Elevyn Thirty – an online boutique curated with curves in mind! We sold out completely during our pre-launch and have so many exciting things coming up! Follow us on Instagram for all the latest updates!

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