Monique Rodriguez is taking the hair care industry by storm. With only three years in operation, Mielle Organics has boasted sales in over 87 countries, and is available in fine retail locations such as Sally’s, Target, and CVS. With natural ingredients, Mielle Organics has an impressive array of beauty products for all hair types ranging from shampoos, conditioners, natural hair oil, and vitamins.

As a former registered nurse, Monique Rodriquez tapped into her innate passion for hair when she started creating her hair product formulas in her kitchen. After launching a series of YouTube videos illustrating her hair growth using her very own products, Monique connected with a chemist and Mielle Organics was born. SHEEN caught up with beauty mogul, Monique Rodriquez, for a candid interview to share her journey and keys to success.

What’s the origin behind the name Mielle Organics?

Mielle is actually a combination of my kids’ names. Their middle names are Gabrielle and Arielle, and their first names are Mia and Mackenzie. They both have E-L-L-E at the ends of their names and they’re both mine – so they’re both Mielle. So, that’s why I came up with Mielle.

With your background in science and health, how many tries did it take before you found just the right formulation for your hair products?

I’d say a good six or seven times and that was just for an oil – since the first product I launched was an oil. Going back and forth, either the oil would be too heavy or it would be too much of one oil or it didn’t smell right, or it wasn’t giving me the results that I needed.

You’ve been natural all your life, was there ever a time you found natural hair to be difficult?

Yes, I’ve found wearing my natural hair to be difficult. I’ve always been natural, but I’ve also had very bad heat damage and that made me want to start wearing my hair curly, because I started seeing all these girls with beautiful curly hair and I’m like, ‘wow my hair used to be like that when I was a kid but it’s not like that anymore.’ My curl pattern was shot. Part of the natural hair journey is really not comparing your natural hair journey to someone else’s, and that was my mistake. The most important thing is to not focus on other’s natural hair journey and focus on your hair, and find out what works well for your hair. Just be patient and give your hair time to get back to its healthy state.

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