Today’s Sheen Magazine “Beauty of Giving” spotlight is R&B singer, Vivian Green.  The songwriter, actress, activist and platinum-selling singer has been making major moves in the industry since the early 2000’s. After the release of her sixth album entitled VGVI, Sheen Magazine sat down with Vivian to find out what is her beauty of giving.

What is your way of giving back during the holiday season or throughout the year?

Since my early twenties I’ve sponsored children in various countries to be able to go to school and have medical care. I also perform at several charity events (of various causes) every year free of charge. I’m performing this Holiday Season on December 9th at Cyndi Lauper’s Home for the Holidays concert for her True Colors Fund. Also it is EXTREMELY important to give to your village. If my circle of family and friends need me for any reason and I am able to help, I do it without hesitation and always have and they do the same for me

Why is it important to use your platform to impact the lives of others in a positive manner?

I think it’s important to use your platform as an artist to build awareness for a cause; especially if you’re a superstar because fans tend to follow what they do. However I don’t feel it’s important to use your platform to announce what you give and/or when you give. Giving should be done in humility (in my opinion). Don’t give because it’s cool or trending and it’ll make you look good or get you an interview on CNN. Give because you want to.

Why is it important to spread love on a daily?

It is paramount to spread love daily in this crazy world. At my concerts I do a lil speech specifically about black women loving and supporting each other. That’s another thing close to my heart. But that’s another interview lol.

Thank you, Vivian Green. SHEEN salutes you today for your efforts & continuously giving! Be sure to purchase her latest album entitled, VGVI which you can listen to some of the tracks below. Also, be sure to check us out tomorrow at 10am to see more of our influencer spotlights.