Acure Rose Argan Oil– Acure represents skin and hair wellness enthusiasts who want to uplift how you feel. Their products contain the highest quality ingredients for your skin. Their mission is to take skin and hair from blah to brilliant.

This is a USDA certified organic oil that is 100% vegan.

I love to use this lightweight oil on my elbows and the bottoms of my feet. It works wonders by smoothing dry skin on the heels of your cracked feet and moisturizes them instantly. You don’t have to use a lot to get the job done.

It is an excellent massage oil for the body. It penetrates the skin quickly and leaves a soft, clean feeling. The oil lasts quite a while on the skin.

The oil also softens your hands and the cuticles of your nails. It is perfect to use daily to help combat the drying of the hands due to frequent washing in hot water. It is not too greasy on the hands.

This is an excellent oil for daily use!

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Featured Image obtained from Acure’s official website