Rainbow Road Body Wash– Farmhouse Fresh products is a certified woman-owned business.

The Texas-based team creates a range of products that balance certified organic or 100% naturally derived ingredients. They put just as much love and care into their products as they do in cultivating what goes into them. The products are clinically tested to ensure remarkable results of the skin.

Rainbow Road Body Wash has a fruity smell and is really smooth on the skin. It lathers up very well and it rinses with a clean feeling on the skin. As you progress throughout the day you still feel the fresh, clean feeling of the body wash. A little bit goes a long way.

It is quite soothing and nourishing on the skin and not too harsh or abrasive. I love the smell and received compliments on the smell. I love the refreshing feel that you have after you use it.

Excellent body wash!

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Featured Image obtained from official FarmHouse Fresh website!