I wore the Via Nature Natural Enzyme Deodorant stick and immediately got a strong whiff of the sweet orange lemongrass scent and I was intrigued. My usual deodorant has a very mild smell that doesn’t overpower any other scents I may be wearing. The sweet orange lemongrass scent overtook everything I had on at that moment and probably the entire area I was standing in when I applied it. Regardless of the strong scent, I wore the deodorant and the fragrance eventually wore off, along with the entire deodorant. I put the deodorant on later in the day when I left the house and noticed a few hours later, it felt like I never applied anything. Luckily, I wasn’t out in the sun all day or I would’ve driven everyone away.

The next day I was more hopeful that it would last all day. After I braved the strong smell of orange lemongrass, I applied the deodorant again and it was a replay of the day before. Hours after the application, I felt clammy and “under-insured” under my arms. I didn’t like the stickiness or the scent and although I was out all day, I was inside or in the car the majority of the time and not out exercising or out in the hot sun.

Recap: I will keep the Via Nature as a backup when I rush out and forget my usual deodorant or when I’m out and need to freshen up, but the inconsistency was uncomfortable for me. For those who never sweat or for those looking for a change for the fall and winter months, Via Nature may be a good choice.
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