Deborah Ayorinde has become the girl we hate to love and LOVE to hate. Playing Simone in the box office smash GIRLS TRIP, she plays the antagonist and much-despised mistress to Stewart (Mike Colter) husband of main character, Ryan (Regina Hall). And although the portrayal had us all digging our nails in theatre armrests everywhere, Deborah is actually one of the sweetest new starlets in Hollywood! Giving us a glimpse of the inner beauty to match the outer, Sheen got a first-hand encounter of the conundrum herself.

You killed the role as Simone in GIRLS TRIP! How did you get in the headspace to play someone’s, dare I say, mistress?

Oh, Lord! It’s so funny because when I first got the script and was cast, I realized I really had to dig into this role. I had to find characteristics of Simone to connect with even though I didn’t agree with her choices. Deborah, she loves to love. So to intentionally step in on someone’s marriage and do all she did, it’s just not me at all. I had to find other things to connect with. For example, she doesn’t take no for an answer! I love that about her. Also, her style is very different than mine. So throughout the duration of filming, I’d dress like my character, even in between shooting, out at a bar or something. It was an attempt to get used to people reacting to me in a different way. It was really eye opening, almost like an experiment.


What are some of your essential beauty secrets?

First thing’s first: always wash your makeup off at night! Even if you just wipe with a towel and water, don’t go to sleep with makeup on your face. My mom will literally go off on me to this day. If I’m with her and I have even a lick of makeup on about to go to sleep, she will go nuts on me. I mean, I’m not a dermatologist, obviously. But I just feel like allowing your skin to breathe and letting it replenish itself is really important. Another trick I use, I actually use Vaseline on my face at night, instead of moisturizer.  From what I’ve read it doesn’t clog your pores, and has ingredients that serve as like a skin protectant. And when I wake up in the morning, my skin is just glowing and just, oh my gosh! When I started using that and pure aloe vera, amazing!


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