Insatiable star, Erinn Westbrook shares the simplicity of staying beautiful and it’s simply all about confidence.

Erinn Westbrook knew from quite an early age her heart’s desire was to become a performer. Her earliest memories of performances has helped her mold into the actress we have the pleasure of witnessing today! Now as Magnolia Barnard on Netflix’s upcoming beauty pageant dramedy, Insatiable, Erinn embodies her role as what Westbrook proclaims as “the perfect pageant princess.”

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got your start in the entertainment industry.

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to perform. Some of my earliest memories are of me in my living room dancing around in dress-up clothes with boas and putting on shows for really whoever would listen. So it’s really no surprise that I ended up really whole-heartedly pursuing this craft and field professionally.

My very first play was Annie in the sixth grade and it was a big deal because I was actually the only African American girl in my class and a lot of people tried to persuade me not to audition for the role. I decided to go out for it anyway and I got the part. That was my first time on a stage and from that moment, I knew that it was something I was going to pursue for the rest of my life.

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