With pose and purpose, Nia Jervier is foreshadowing a divine future.

Oftentimes when we think of beauty, we think outward appearances and high glam but in a thought provoking interview with Nia Jervier, she shares how the power of manifestation and love for others are the seeds we all must plant in order to be successful and truly beautiful. From Tatcha skincare products to gratitude jars, you won’t want to miss this in depth look into the life, mind, and heart of Nia.

“The Journey”

I’ve always been super connected to who I am and what my purpose is. I married at this moment in my life by truly knowing my purpose. I am grateful to be able to support myself and live my life knowing I am cultivating my art. As an artist, we often need a side gig or some other way to support ourselves financially, while we’re pursuing our art. I’m finally in a position where I’m able to pay my light bill (laughs) which money I made while being an artist, which means the absolute world to me. It’s just a reminder that I trusted my gut and heart and didn’t give up. This was an ultimate goal of mine and what I’m most grateful for at this time in my life.


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Featured Image by Marc Cartwright & Benjo Arwas