The What If actress on beauty and Broadway.

Actress, Samantha Marie Ware has created her own lane, when it comes to her acting career, and took a giant leap into stardom by way of Broadway. Her witty personality and creative zest for living refreshingly rejuvenate us, just like a great skincare routine.

How did you get your start?

I auditioned for The Lion King in Chicago. It was my first audition and it was a “cattle call,” which means you stand in line forever, waiting for hours to be seen by one casting director. You only get to sing 16 bars of music. But I did it, girl! Four months later, I had a job, so it was the start of my career. Next came The Book of Mormon which was my first national tour, and then to Broadway for Hamilton. I did the last season of Glee which was my first television debut. Since then I decided to fly by the seat of my own pants, walk my own path, and follow my dreams.


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