Margo Francois is the mastermind behind all things beauty, wellness, and yoga on The Beauty & The Beat and many also know her the Black Yoga Mom! I had the pleasure of getting to know the mom who wears multiple hats. She’s beauty and she’s grace, Margo opens up to us about all the different roles she’s tapped into, how she handles all she has on her plate, and the inspiration behind creating her highly successful brands.

Tell us about yourself, Margo.

My name is Margo and I am a 30-something mom, lover of yoga, enthusiast of wellness/holistic living, beauty and style. My goal is to help educate people on living their best, healthiest life.

What inspired you to create Beauty & the Beat?

In college, I studied journalism and it was right on the cuff of digital becoming a thing. I had an internship at Essence Magazine in the beauty department there, I made some connections and there were a few beauty writers and a fashion writer who wanted to start their own blog. They asked me to be their first contributor and from there, I started blogging for them while still contributing to different magazines and websites. I realized I really loved it and wanted to start my own blog. That’s kind of how Beauty & the Beat evolved, it went from solely focused on beauty to incorporating style and newly yoga since I became a registered yoga teacher. I now incorporate a lot of wellness, yoga, and tips and tricks as well!

You are also a yoga teacher and student, what made you want to get into that and how do you feel when doing yoga?

I had a very rough start with yoga. I’ve always been into fitness and wellness but I was always the person who loved high intensity, interval training, circuit training, kickboxing, the fun, high impact stuff. I tried yoga for the first time in college, I walked in the class and maybe five to ten minutes into the class, I thought it was so boring (laughs) so I left! It wasn’t until I began working in corporate America when a friend of mine and co-worker got certified. She started teaching classes at the office and kept inviting me. I wanted to be a good friend and support her so I went to one of her classes and it was a phenomenal experience: mentally, physically, I felt challenged, open, and that just blew my mind! It transformed my whole outlook on yoga.

From there, she suggested that I get certified. I got certified. Several years before that, I was really inspired by people on Instagram such as Chelsea Loves Yoga and Lady Dork. They inspired me so much so I updated my Instagram bio to say “future yogi” fast forward to 2015 and I actually made it happen. I’m a big believer and manifesting what you want but also putting the action towards it. It was kind of one of those full circle moments where I realized, I actually did it! Long story but now I’m all in and hopefully I can inspire others to do the same.

How are you able to handle all that you have on your plate with such grace? Do you find it difficult tapping into so many different roles?

Well, thank you for saying that because it’s definitely not easy (laughs)! I work in digital marketing for a beauty company full-time as well as building my brand with beauty and yoga. The biggest thing is having a community, building that foundation of people who can be there to help you and not being afraid to ask for help. I used to be one of those people who liked the hustle and bustle of wearing many hats and checking off the things on the list myself because it felt great to say that I did it but you begin to add many layers. Me having my one-year-old, I’m lucky to have an amazing fiancé who is very supportive of everything I am doing in my career as well as growing Beauty & the Beat and the Black Yoga Mom movement, my family and friends are amazing. You can’t always do it on your own, I think having that core of people to help makes it easier. Taking time for yourself is also important even if it’s just a bubble bath or giving yourself a sheet mask at the end of the week.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman; do you mind sharing your holy grail beauty products?

I am absolutely obsessed with ItsMyRayeRaye’s palette that she has with BH Cosmetics. O-M-G! It is amazing, the pigmentation, the quality, its an all-in-one product. You get the eye shadows, and the contouring kit, it’s so travel-friendly as well.

AJ Crimson Beauty is amazing! They have amazing, beautiful, and pigmented lippies! He has foundation and other products but his lipsticks are my go-to favorite for a beautiful, bold look.

I also love taking good care of my skin. I love Vichy Mineral 89 Face Moisturizer. It’s great, especially for the nights when my little one wants to wake up and play at 4 am, we had one of those nights last night (laughs). I love Dermalogica’s Stress Positive Eye Lift serum, its amazing and handles the puffiness and discoloration.

My go-to facial cleanser is Pur-lisse’s Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk. It’s great at removing makeup and is my holy grail of all time!

Lastly for my hair, for someone who is naturally curly, I love MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk.

Those are just a few products in my heavy rotation right now.

Where do you hope to see Beauty & the Beat in the years to come? What can we expect to see from Margo in the future?

I really hope that in the years to come, Beauty & the Beat and Black Yoga Mom are outlets for inspiration and education for women. Definitely more yoga information, I’m doing some more videos, doing some music festivals, and teaching abroad. I want to continue to hopefully age gracefully, love and embrace style, fashion, and beauty and continue to share that knowledge. I want to be an amazing mom and wife, friend, and partner (laughs). Overall, I just want to grow to be better and live a more intentional life, always.

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All images by Jenn Thai | provided by Margo F.