These days much of my spare time is spent stalking the social media pages of so many beautiful women whose makeup are always on fleek and whose natural hair seems to always be popping. I’m usually taking mental notes and trying to master their tricks of the trade, but I’ll be frank, when it comes to my beauty routine, I’m lazy.

My makeup bag usually includes lip balm and lotion. And when it comes to my hair, if it requires more than one or two steps, you can bet I’m opting out of it or paying someone else to do it. I’m totally not here for anything that might complicate my life and I’m totally OK with that. I’ve accepted that I’m low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean that I or any other women like myself, have to completely throw in the towel when it comes to looking and feeling our best.

So for all the lazy girls out there like me, here are 3 tips to help you look and feel your best without exerting too much time or energy.

Eat healthier foods
You have to eat anyways so why not make every meal count and focus on foods that enhance your skin, hair and nails. Why buy products to fight problem areas when you can prevent and eliminate them all together by simply eating healthier foods?

Invest in a beauty box
There was a point where I was spending way too much money buying every product under the sun that I saw online. I’m embarrassed just thinking about all the money I spent and all the bottles and jars that went unutilized during those years. I suggest spending money wiser and investing in a monthly beauty box like CurlBox that offers you small samples of products to test that you don’t have to leave your house to try and won’t exhaust your pockets.

Embrace your natural beauty
We are all beautiful in our own unique way. Beauty products simply enhance what’s already there and that’s, You!

The moment I started to simply wear my natural hair and embrace the childhood scars, was the moment that I truly experienced freedom and self-confidence.

Featured Image: Shutterstock