Ex-wife of Comic Mike Epps Ready to Ring In the New Year With New Name, New Beginnings

An actress. An influencer. A mother. Mechelle McCain is the quintessential millennial – that is, out to conquer the world and make a name for herself on her own terms. After 15 years of marriage to comic Mike Epps (“Meet the Blacks”), the couple called it quits in 2017. As a strong show of female empowerment, Mechelle dropped her famous last name and reverted back to her maiden name – that is, McCain.

In 2005, Mechelle married comic Mike Epps and took a break from her acting career. Mike’s star began to rise following his breakout roles in “Friday After Next” and “All About the Benjamins.” Pursuing acting gigs here and there, Mechelle took the role of a supportive spouse. She put her ambitions on hold and supported her ex’s endeavors as well as start a family. Although she never told a joke, she played her best part yet – that is, embodying the expression,   “behind every successful man is a good woman.”

On her own, Mechelle is re-launching her career as an actress and producer and fostering social consciousness as a civic-minded philanthropist and global citizen. A deserted spot in Calabasas, Calif. provided the perfect backdrop for Mechelle’s powerful poses, showcasing her newfound freedom and reclaiming her independence.

Be strong!

“It’s my time. A time for me to walk my own path, and find a new purpose in my life. I’m coming into my own as a woman, and I feel empowered to grow, create, nurture and inspire. I’m ready for 2019!”

– Mechelle McCain

The Future Is Bright.

“When one door closes, another one opens. Change is a part of life. I’m ready for new beginnings and new challenges. No matter what storms may be brewing in your life, remember, the future is always bright.”

– Mechelle McCain

Plan B.

“Sometimes, just being still in your own thoughts can unearth an inner strength to courageously move forward in spite of obstacles. But, you have to believe.”

– Mechelle McCain

It’s Official.

“I’m Mechelle McCain. Miss boss!”

– Mechelle McCain

Level Up!

“I’m leveling up because I have my eye on a big prize for me and my daughters. I want to conquer the world on my own terms, and be a shining example of #girlpower to them.”

– Mechelle McCain

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

“Be fearless!”

– Mechelle McCain



Photography by Shannon Laurine Photography | Instagram

Hair by Andrea J | Instagram

Makeup by Mila Thomas | Instagram

Wardrobe and styling by Sir Joe Exclusive | Instagram

Special thanks to PR Solo for providing the signature pieces of a crown and cape.

Fur coat: Lanvin

Sunglasses: Caligirl Eyewear